Hidemi Nishida scan_01_5.jul.2014_fin (detail), 2014 2mx20m


Hidemi Nishida Installation shots of scan_01_5.jul.2014_fin (detail), 2014 2mx20m


Hidemi Nishida scan_01_5.jul.2014_fin (detail), 2014 2mx20m

Hidemi Nishida

Hidemi Nishida was born in Otaru in 1986, and currently lives and works in Bergen, Norway and Tokyo. He studied Design in Sapporo and obtained a Masters of Fine Art at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2014. His architectural background brings together functional making with an interest in intimate transformations of our environment. Nishida questions our milieu, deconstructing and adapting existing structures or materials or even whole landscapes in order to refresh our view of the world. His structures create a presence but are also ephemeral, often using reclaimed or found materials to create a bricolage of references to place, time and memory.

scan_01_5.jul.2014_fin is a long mural originally conceived for a public space. It is made of roughly 800 pages of A4 prints consisting of one-to-one scale scans of an area of land. Over the course of a day, Nishida scanned 50 square meters of ground on the site of a decommissioned railway which used to transport coal. These relics of the local mining industry recall a past landscape under redevelopment. The resulting images intrigue through their interplay between spatial depth and the picture plane, as well as in their chromatic effect. Nishida calls this ‘digital frottage’: creatingan archive of the site, suggesting its past significance.

Hidemi Nishida’s work was included in the 500m Museum, Sapporo Art Festival 2014, Sapporo; Burning Down The House, 10th Gwangju Biennial, Gwangju (2014); and Fragile Utopia exhibited at Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen (2014). Nishida has realised numerous public commissions internationally, including in Russia, Italy, Norway and Japan.

Born in Hokkaido, 1986
Lives and works in Tokyo and Bergen


MA in Fine Art, Bergen Academy of Art and Design

BA in Design, School of Design, Sapporo City University

Department of Architecture, Kushiro National College of Technology


I sit and look out, Co-ume lab, Tokyo

Ung.Lovende, Galleri F15, Moss
Rokko Meets Art 2014, Mt Rokko, Kobe
Burning Down the House, curated by Jessica Morgan, 10th Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju
Sapporo International Art Festival 2014, curated by Satoshi Hata, 500m Museum, Sapporo
AN INDIFFERENCE MAP, Galeria Aparte, Iasi
Line Art Fest (collective participation as Team Tampopo), Østre, Bergen
MEAGHEA SKKLL rKGM MAH TNCA, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen

Destroying the Zero Presence, Totaldobze, Riga
Rokko Meets Art 2013, Mt.Rokko, Kobe
Encounters with Art in the Port (Saku), KOBE Biennale, Kobe
FYF Fest 2013, Mack Sennett Studios, Los Angels
Born of the Emptiness, Tipographia, Krasnodar
LEXUS HYBRID ART 2013, Manage, Moscow
Dissensus, Hardbakka Ruins Project 2013, Bergen
MIGRATION, Bee-live Gallery, Reggio Emilia
Future Ruins, Old silo, Bergen
Dismantlement and blue-sky daydreams, Galleri Fisk, Bergen
Double Mouth, USF, Bergen
Bontelabo, MAF1 show at Bontelabo, Bergen
Fragile Dining, Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Bergen
(Il)legal aesthetics, Ptarmigan, Tallinn

Be Photo Subject Action, Bergen City Centre, Bergen
International Innovation Forum in Siberia 2012, Lenin street, Novosibirsk
Rolling Stone Action, Hellesøy island
TOBIU ART FESTIVAL 2012, Tobiu Art Community, Shiraoi-cho Hokkaido
TOBIU CAMP 2012, Tobiu Art Community, Shiraoi-cho Hokkaido
SNOW SCAPE MOERE 7, Moere-numa Park, Sapporo

TOBIU ART FESTIVAL 2011, Tobiu Art Community, Shiraoi-cho Hokkaido
TOBIU CAMP 2011, Tobiu Art Community, Shiraoi-cho Hokkaido
Genkai-genba, CAI2, Sapporo
Fragile Shelter, Sapporo City University, Sapporo

Summer Architecture Design Festival (Zolotaya kapital – 2010), Kirova square, Novosibirsk
Otaru Art Project 2010 (Breathing Landscape), Old Mitsui Bank Building, Hokkaido


Hardbakka Ruins Project Organizing Team, Bergen
Tobiu Art Festival Organizing Team, Shiraoi, Hokkaido
NPO Otaru Works / Otaru city, Hokkaido
Otaru Art Project Organizing Team, Otaru city, Hokkaido


Joshibi University of Art and Design, Tokyo
Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Bergen

Sapporo City University, Sapporo
Strelka Institute, Moscow
Bergen Architectural Association, Bergen
Bergen School of Architecture, Bergen

Otaru University of Commerce, Otaru

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