Moths and Lizzards, 2016 Volcanic rock, marble, brass, beeswax, whitewash, concrete, plaster, expanding foam, ceramic, electronic elements dimensions variable unique


A Goat Named Hermés, NAM Project, Milan, 2014 Courtesy the artist


Zoë Paul, Solitude and Village, 2016, installation view at The Breeder, Athens


A Goat Named Hermés, NAM Project, Milan, 2014 Courtesy the artist

Zoë Paul

“Upon the graves of the dead in the….cemeteries little vessels of water are placed for the benefit of the birds, and some of the marble tombs have basins chiseled out for the same purpose, the superstition being that birds carry messages about the living to the dead, and, like everybody else…, are suspected of being spiteful unless something is done to win their favor.” (Excerpt From: Curtis, William Eleroy, 1850-1911. “The Turk and his lost provinces: Greece, Bulgaria, Servia, Bosnia.” iBooks.)

The violence of the first breath condenses into a crust and is pitted with rough dry alveoli – arid, blackened chunks of lungs that have been ripped through orifices of the surface of the earth to rest at that level that we tread. Attempting elegance we live like scavengers dependant on higher powers, reliant on the pickings of industrialist waste our forerunners ambitions left behind – for the progress of the future. To imagine the dead with the living, as if there is no past or future is beyond our condition. We blindly view ourselves like Narcissus staring at what we don’t know and seeing only a reflection of ourselves. If we don’t see a face we see a use. Faces, as arbitrary as souls, who exist in so far as they are perceived.

Zoë Paul (b.1987, London) lives and works in Athens and studied at Camberwell college of art before completing her MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London.  She recently completed a residency at the Cité des Arts in Paris.  Recent exhibitions include ReMap 4, Athens, Topic, Laure Genillard, London (solo), Thalasseum, Cole Contemporary, London, (solo), Between the Lines, Cass Sculpture Foundation, Sussex, Heart Of Darkness, Gallerie Carree, Villa Arson, Nice, ZARDOZ , MOT International, London and Cowley Manor and Couttes Art Award and Sculpture Exhibition.

Born 1987, London
Lives and works in Athens, Greece



MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London


BA, Sculpture, Camberwell College of Arts

Solo shows


A Goat called Hermès, curated by Michelangelo Corsaro, NAM Projects, Milan
LaTraCom, Ricou Gallery, Brussels


Topic, Laure Genillard Gallery, London


Thalasseum, Cole, London


Pass Quietly, Cole, London

Selected group shows


Zodiacs for the Blinded Nomad, Oval Space, London
Garden, by Katerina Kana, Romantso, Athens

The terrestrial globe is covered with volcanoes, which serve as it’s anus (G.Bataille), curated by Michelangelo Corsaro, Athens
Making Holes in Water, Totàl, Athens

What the Snow does in the North the Sand does in the South, Zoë Paul and Laurence de Leersnyder, NUN, Berlin

DUST, by Jo-ey Tang and Thomas Fougeirol, Paris


Under Icebergs, Kingsgate Gallery, London
Zoë Paul and Hector Castells Matutano, Cité international des Arts, Paris

Sensual Abstraction À La Belle Étoile, ReMap4, Athens
I’ve Lost My Marbles, curated by Barbara Sirieix, Totàl, Athens


Heart of Darkness, Gallerie Carrée, Villa Arson, Nice
ZARDOZ, MOT International, London

Cowley Manor and Couttes Art Award and Sculpture Exhibition, Cowley Manor Hotel, Cheltenham


Lovely Summer Sunshine Time, Royal College of Art Sculpture studios, London
RCA Interim show, Royal College of Art, London


Between the Lines, Cass Sculpture Foundation, Sussex
Formal Inquiry, Cole, London
X Artworks in a Straight Line (Seeking the Perfect Sphere), Curated by Graham Hudson, Crisp London Los Angeles, London
Kids Company Shoe Box Auction and Exhibition, Haunch of Venison, London


Art Barter, The Rag Factory, London
Future Map 09, 20 Hoxton Square Projects, London
Coleman Road Project space, London


Factory, James Taylor Gallery, London
Area 10, London
Imperial Works, London


Between the Platform, Sassoon Gallery, London



Cité International des Arts, Paris


Villa Arson residency, Nice
Cowley Manor and Couttes Art Award and Sculpture Exhibition
Shortlisted, British School of Rome


Cité International des Artes, Paris


Future Map ’09, University of the Arts London



DeutschlandRadio Kultur by Alkyone Karamanolis
Kathimerini Sunday suppliment by Selana Vronti


Athinorama magazine, best of 2013
Cronique Curiosité, Joël Riff, 1013 semaine 49 – Anticomania
Athinorama Magazine November 2013


Royal College of Art 2012 Degree Show Review –


October’s Multitude – Pauls Art World by Paul Cary-Kent (
Cornerhouse – Manchester Contemporary (


Zoe Paul at Cole Contemporary – The Copper Penny (
Shoe Box Art – Unidentified Lifestyle by Maria Matiopoulou (


Amelia’s Magazine – An Interview with Zoe Paul, by Sally Mumby-Croft (


Instigator of Totàl. This is a project space and platform using the artist’s studio in Athens as a base to create dialogue and exchange between artists through exhibitions and studio exchanges launched in November 2013.

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