Kumi Machida honeymoon wih life, 2013
sumi (blue), sumi (brown), pigments, mineral pigments, gold paint, gold leaf, and pencil on kumohada linen paper
162 x 388 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Nishimura Gallery

Three_Persons LR

Kumi Machida
Three Persons, 2003
sumi (blue) and mineral pigments on kumohada linen paper
130.3 x 162 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Nishimura Gallery

Kumi Machida

15 December 2015 - 14 January 2016

Asia House

White Rainbow is pleased to announce the first solo presentation of two works by renowned Japanese artist Kumi Machida at Asia House, London. Kumi Machida has become internationally recognised for her depictions of haunting biomorphic humans awakening from surreal dream-like states. Having its roots in the Japanese tradition of Nihonga painting in sumi ink on kumohada linen paper with limited colouring from mineral pigments, Machida’s practice combines the classical education with contemporary motifs to form her own unique style.

Her austere brushwork modulates from delicacy to intensity, bringing an unknown presence into sharp relief with sparing clarity. It renders a darker nuance to these apparently tranquil beings – layered fine lines sparsely define forms and voids, lending the works a deadpan absurdity. Machida’s explorations of human relationships, self-consciousness and social awareness are expressed in each line – a void drawn within the silence of contemplation. Yet abandoned clues remain, cryptic signifiers, so that perhaps these portrayals of dysfunction, brutality and displacement bring also a quilt of comfort after waking from a nightmare.



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Asia House
63 New Cavendish Street
London W1G 7LP

15 December 2015 until 14 January 2016

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